Sunday, June 7, 2015

Waiting. Waiting! Waiting on the World to Change

Pacience. Pacience. Pacience. Wow these last two weeks have tested my pacience. Flip. haha I would probably venture to say that I have never talked to so many people in my life, much less my mission, than in the last two weeks. Seriously. We basically havent been able to find anyone! Like we can usually find someone to teach here and there at least and if theyre not interested its fine we just drop and move on. No problem. But this is like a drought! wow. Were just about out of ideas of what to do. BUT were looking for the miracles and waiting with pacience, KNOWING that the lord will bless us. I guess the drought proceeds the stormy downpour right? 

As I mentioned in my previous letter, we had a mission get together last monday! It was literally awesome! We had a giant soccer tounament zone vs zone. It was awesome. Seriously. Then after we met meet the mormons. The mission cried at the missionary part. Go figue. 

Last week I had the opportunity to (FINALLY) do my tramites (papers to get legal in the country.... ive been illegal for about 8 months haha) and seeing that we are from the zone that is super far away in a corner of the mission we convinced elder lines (our mission grandpa) to take us out for lunch because we were going to get back after the fact and had cancelled ours. He agreed and we walked to Subway! Whooo! haha it was fun to be in my old area of San Fernando. It was even cooler to talk to him during lunch.
Now something about Elder Lines. He served in the Argentina North Mission (technically the same mission that we have now but were wayyyyy smaller) about 50 years ago with Elder Christofferson, with Elder Scott as his mission president. He had the privilage two weekends ago to be in the temple dedication. We asked him what his favorite part of the weekend was and he told us the beautiful story of what they did that weekend and all the miracles he had seen. He said that when he served his mission they never thought in a million years that they would see a temple in Cordoba (it was one of his areas). He told us that all the good we are doing now we will be able to see in 50 years and it will be 100 times the growth that he has seen in Argentina. He told us so many inspiring things. Including that he was able to see and talk to other missionaries from this mission (that i met at the begining when i got here or only heard of) and he said that it was such a great experience, that he was able to see them with their wives in the temple dedication, or that an hermana had directed the youth of her stake in the dance for the temple celebration. It was amazing and inspiring. 

So yeah that is about it for the last 2 weeks :)

Hermana Ostler

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