Thursday, September 10, 2015

Chao Zarate!

Well this last week has been a bit surreal. I knew i was going to be transferred but it was still really sad to be honest. These last 4 months in zarate have been the best. The person i was when i arrived in zarate and the person i am now are completely different. its something that even the members picked up on. Although at the beginning of my mission i said i would NEVER go to Zarate, i came to love it and it is by far one of my favorite areas. I have learned so much there and it has changed me as a person. I left behind a lot of people i love there but am excited to start the sprint at the end of the race inn....... LA BOCA!!!! WHOOOO. For the record i called it. This will be my second area with a big shot soccer stadium (the rival of river in nunez) and my preferred team :) 

Something I learned this week or more come to realize is how much the message we share as missionaries affects people. It really changes lives and i feel so grateful to be one of these messengers who can bring this happiness to people.

I also had the awesome opportunity to see ELDER OSTLER TODAY! ahhh it was so great to see a familiar face. I got to talk to him for a few minutes and wow. He is a copy of uncle brian! hahaha family is the best! 

WElp love you all! hope you have a great week!

love hermana ostler

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