Monday, September 14, 2015


WHoooooo after a crazy pday and a lot of comforting and informing the newbies who just got to the mission on tuesday i finally arrived in la boca at about 9! Well there went our day for procelighting. But a bit about my companionS. yes i have 2 haha the first is hermana hernandez and shes from honduras dont ask me where cause i have no idea... all i know is that the country is right next to guatemala.... (shout out to carrie) haha but yeah. she goes home this transfer and she was my sister training leader back when i was in versailles. weird to be companions now hahah. My other companion is hermana bekaouche. (pronounced bek-oww-che) sometimes i just call her hermana beka cause her names difficult.. its ok she cant pronounce mine either haha shes from lima peru, has 3 months in the mission and has the most crazy conversion story ever. but like in the history of mankind. yeah. 

the companionship is fun because, well. i dont know if you can tell from any of the pictures but im about a head and a half taller than the both of them. and im blonde. and really white. WHOOO. so yeah basically i stand out like a sore thumb. its a fun time. they give me a hard time for it hahaha

soo this week. since theres never a boring or uneventful day in the mission, we skipped tuesday for the reasons mentioned above, so wednesday. we woke up and hermana beka had a headache and a HUGE zit looking thing that we still dont know what it its but the mission presidents wife says its a boil and she popped it a few times and it kept growing then started to ooze puss. so they sent us to the hospital. fun times. thursday morning. zone meeting. Friday. Hermana Beka had tramites to get legal in the country. Where i got good news! After about 11 months of being illegal my papers supposedly finally got here! yeahhh! well see if the luck lasts. 

But since we got back at about 3 and hadnt had lunch we decided to go to a peruvian place. and well i was bored after we ate and was looking at the picante (spicy sauce, but like really spicy this is peru were talking about) and thought hmm i wonder if i would die if i drank the whole thing. the answer is pretty darn close haha yeah dont have pictures but i do have a video. my companions say im crazy haha

saturday. Service activity for mormon helping hands. we traveled about an hour to get there and we helped repaint a school it was a fun time cause about half the mission went (and all the members and their pertaining wards) so basically all the members in the city of buenos aires were there. super cool. although i kinda miss electric sanders... the sand paper made my hands feel like... well sandpaper. 

also if you want to know basically what the area im in is like type in google photos caminito or boca soccer field. my area is a block away and it all looks the same. whoop. 

so yeah thats all for this week. a bit longer than usual haha

love you all!
hermana ostler

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