Monday, September 21, 2015


WEll this week was VERY uneventful. But really. I spent just about the whole week in the apt. Yeah fun times. But before you ask what the.... why? What were you doing?? My comp had gastritis... (i hope the spelling is the same in english and spanish...) basically when your stomach acids burn your stomach... yeah fun times. so anyways. I had a lot of scripture study which i actually really enjoyed.
Now to the title of this email. You have probably all heard about the earthquake in chile last week and would have thought ahhh hermana ostler was ok didnt feel anything cause shes on the OTHER SIDE of the CONTINENT. WRONG. Due to the above statement of me being stuck in the apartment for a week at about 8:30 Argentine standard time (lol that probably doesnt exist but i like it haha) im sitting in my bed in my room in my apartment on the 10th floor of our apartment complex studying my scriptures. And this is my thought process. Hmmm this is a weird feeling what is moving? (it felt like a boat going over a small wake on a lake) now being from california my first instinct is crap earthquake wheres a table to get under? then i think of my science experience of plate techtonics (thanks mom) and am like no. not possible were in the middle of a plate nope. so then im like ok i have been sitting here way too long in a fixed position reading... i think im going crazy. then i look around and my clothes in my closet are rocking back and forth and the light hanging from the ceiling too. So im like uhhh not normal and think back to earthquake. but NOT POSSIBLE. Then once im really confused my comp yells from the other room. HEY DO YOU GUYS FEEL THIS. Oh thank the heavens im not crazy. so we decide to leave the apt but as we are about to go out the door it stops. well. yeah. i tell my comps that it was probably and earthquake in chile or peru and it must have been really strong. so we ask the neighbor (which was a bad idea) cause all she basically said was what do you mean you dont have means to look it up? how can you not have tv radio or computer?!?! you girls are crazy! so yeah that was a fun time. then the member we called told us that we were a bit crazy and feeling things. and about 15 min later everyone calls us and says we were right, earthquake in chile! 10 points for hermana ostler and her plate techtonic knowledge. thanks again mom and iusd. youd think i would have been able to get a higher grade in high school science. haha anywaysssss moving on.
other than that the week was relatively quiet. saturday we finally worked and sunday we had an almost miracle. a guy showed up to church and wanted to be baptized. the elders said he was from our area and we believed them but then at the end of the block we asked his address and was apparently in the other ward. that was a bit frustrating but i learned that even when were super frustrated the lord can calm our hearts and tell us its ok and that he has something else prepared for us. :)
love you all and have  agreat week! 
hermana ostler

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