Saturday, September 5, 2015

I´ll Say What You Want Me to Say

WEll i dont really know what to say about this week cause not too much happened and it went by SUPER fast. Basically at the beginning of the week i got really sick and was vomiting for a bit longer than 32 hours then slowly recouperated until about thursday. So that was a fun time. 

Other than that we had a baptim this week! It was so cool because her younger brother who got baptized 2 weeks ago performed the ordinance! It was a really special moment.

I had an experience this week that made me really be thankful for the spirit. The day before the baptism we went to the womans house and she told us she didnt want to be baptized. Ok. The only twist in the story was that we were on divisions so my companion wasnt there and i was the only one in the room who knew what was going on. Whoooo. But for some strange reason i was just about unphased, or at least not freaking out too much. So i said a quick prayer had a moment of silence and started talking. I have no idea what came out of my mouth but then i looked to the member who shared something to her best knowledge of what she thought was going on and my "companion" did the same. It was really interesting to feel the spirit in the room and in the end she said she was going to get baptized! What a tender mercy that the lord gave us! Im so thankful that i was confirmed shortly after my baptism 12 years ago and recievd the gift of the holy ghost to lead me and guide me and give me the words to say. 

thats about it for this week! love you all!

love hermana ostler

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